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Well here is the last blog of January 2011. I think this may only have been my 4th blog all month. I have been super busy. We have had lots of new sign ups for Taekwondo, Lil’ Dragons, Fitness Kickboxing, Kettlebells, and I also got some new private training clients as well. I also have been working on some new projects. One of them should be finished and ready to go in a few weeks I hope. Another one of my projects I will be working on this weekend and hopefully that will be finished this weekend. I got some other ¬†stuff on the works.

Well let’s see what I can tell you about instead of keeping everything in the dark. Well Team Wolverine is huge this year. Our training sessions have been going very well. Team spirit is really high right now. We got a good team. I have also got another article published in a magazine. It’s on why we do high flying kicking in Taekwondo. I do believe this is my 4th published article to date. The magazine was looking for an Taekwondo expert and I fit their criteria. Here’s the link to the online version.¬†

Another piece of interesting news is that I helped create a new rule that will make competitive breaking more competitive. The rule is that if by chance you are the only one in your division for a power breaking divisions you will no longer automatically win first place. The new rules is set up so you have to achieve 80% of the boards or concrete broken of the current world record. So if the world record for power hand wood for black belt heavyweight male is 15 boards, a heavyweight black belt male would have to break 12 boards in order to win 1st place if he happens to be the only competitor in that division. If he were to break 9 boards he would win 2nd place, and 3rd place if he broke 6 boards. The idea is that you have to earn your wins and earn your rating points. Before you would get the win but your did not get your rating points. This is the best solutions for any serious breaker. I suggested the rule to the USBA/WBA and they liked it. They had me calculate the numbers as well. The first tournament using this new rule will be in March 2011/ It is very rare that you have a one competitor division but it does happen the odd time. Hopefully the rule will not have to be used much. I have seen one person divisions in breaking, sparring, patterns, weapons, and etc in all kinds of tournaments from local tournaments to international tournaments. I ran into this once myself but I choose to compete in another division knowing that I could possibly lose. I ended up with 3rd. That’s fine by me. But I bet I now have a target on my back for creating this new rule along with Drew Serrano. Oh well, bring it on my boys. Bring it on! LOL

Well that’s it for now. Keep looking for the new projects that will be appearing soon.

Master Jonathan Field

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