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Just wanted to share with you a recipe  of a healthy drink that I have been drinking everyday after my last workout of the day. It’s a post workout drink you mix up with a juicer.

You juice one apple, one pear, one lemon, one orange, and 4 piece of broccoli into one glass. Stir well and drink right away. It has a nice mild tangy taste to it. Make sure you wash your fruits and veggies first before juicing to get rid of the chemicals and sprays on the skin. Organically grown will be even healthier for you.


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  1. I guess that you peel the orange and lemon before juicing.

    Suggestion: if you want fiber rich pulp with your juice I also suggest blending orange and lemon separately in blender while at the same time blending other juiced ingredients. If seeds are present in lemons and orange I suggest you remove them first before blending. Personally, I usually prefer to blend in banana and yogurt containing probiotics with a juiced drink as well.

  2. That is an interesting combination! Are you sure the broccoli is needed? I think I could stomach it all, but then you said broccoli and I don’t know…..

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