MMA Fitness Instructor Certification with Video

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Well for the ones that were in one Saturday at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do, you may or may have not noticed one thing. That thing was I was not there. I had the other Black Belt instructors teaching classes while I was away in Toronto taking a certification course for MMA Fitness and Conditioning coach. And well I passed it with flying colours.

It was an excellent certification course in which you can and will fail if you do not meet the minimum requirements. I have taken two courses prior with Agatsu and they will fail you. I have seen a few people fail. Agatsu has and sets high standards which is a fantastic thing.

Anyway we did tons of different things. Here is a list of some stuff we did without getting into details as I do not have all day to describe everything. We did warm ups, joint mobility, stretches, footwork drills, striking drills, kicking drills, focus pads and thai pad drills, ground and pound drills, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, bag drills, wrestling drills, grappling drills, plenty of various workouts and circuits, how to design programs for clients, and how to adjust and modify things. It was really good.

Ron “Chi Chi” Gonzales was our instructor for the day. He has trained Taekwondo, wrestling, and MMA. He has been a competitive natural bodybuilder. He is a Level 2 kettlebell instructor like myself, as well as a MMA Fitness Instructor. He has also trained at Xtreme Couture with Randy Couture as well as at Wanderlei Silva’s MMA gym. He has also fought in MMA bouts. Ron is also a Elite Agatsu Team Member.

So now I have lots of new techniques, drills, and knowledge to put into my Taekwondo, Lil’ Dragons, Supreme Fitness Kickboxing, and Kettlebell programs.

Here’s a link to a video of one of the workouts we did. Copy and paste it into your browser. I hope it works for you.

Master Jonathan Field

p.s.  If you dine in at Boston Pizza in Cobourg, mention to your server that you are supporting Cobourg Tae Kwon Do with the Rebate Program and some of the proceeds will go to benefit Team Wolverine.

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