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Two topics today to talk about. First I want to make a correction from yesterday’s blog. In the one paragraph I meant to say that you can and will fail the course if you do not meet minimum requirements. I accidentally type in pass instead of fail. I fixed the error this morning. I was never the best at proofreading but I am working on it.

Topic number two for today is about Boston Pizza in Cobourg. Basically if you dine in at Boston Pizza in Cobourg, please mention that you are supporting Cobourg Tae Kwon Do and the rebate program to your server. Boston Pizza will donate some of the proceeds of your tap to Cobourg Tae Kwon Do’s Team Wolverine. This will help send many junior and senior members to international competitions, pay for uniforms, registration fees, and what not’s.

In case you do not know where Boston Pizza is in Cobourg, it is located in the parking lot of the Northumberland Mall near the main entrance. I have eaten there a few times and have been there for UFC fights. The food is good and the service and atmosphere is fun.

Well that’s it for today. Keep your eyes open for another blog this week about our online silent auction. We got some really cool items up for bid.

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