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Some have and some have not seen or heard of this video of a teenage boy being picked on by another teenage in Sydney Australia. Please watch this video of several news broadcasts of the incident and I will discuss a few things below.

Okay so by now everyone gets the idea of what happened. So let me make a few quick points before I get into the meat of this blog. First of all, I am glad to see the victim defend himself. I do not endorse violence but no one has the right to harm you. Second I am glad that this situation has got a lot of attention so hopefully more people will be more aware that YES bullying is a big problem.

Okay now for the meat of this blog.

– First of all bullies are not born to be bullies. Bullying is something that is taught to you. You are taught to be mean to others. This can be taught by parents, friends, family members, relatives, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, teachers, coaches, instructors, famous celebrities that you idolize, and etc,.

– Second, most parents, family members, and teachers do not that someone is being bullied. Most victims are ashamed to tell anyone. This normally occurs because they are afraid to snitch on someone because of the back lash it might cause. Another reason is they feel ashamed because they might have told someone before and they were told to stick up for themselves and they feel that they cannot.

– Third, Most bullies have been picked on themselves. So now they got a lot of pinned up anger. They take this anger and aim it towards someone they feel won’t fight back. The victim then becomes the “Bad Guy”

– Fourth, most victims of bullying will not fight back because they lack self confidence in the fact that they do have the power to stand up for themselves. They just need to learn the right tools in order to correctly deal with their bully or in some cases bullies.

– Fifth, we need to nip bullying in the butt before it gets out of control. There is extreme cases where students take guns to school and open fire on innocent bystanders because they have no other way to release their intense anger. Or at least they don’t feel they have another way to deal with their situation.

The tools that are need to deal with bullying are;

Proper mental attitude. i.e. the ability to deal with a situation in the lease violence manner as possible.

– The verbal skills to let the bully know they will not stand for being picked on or physically assaulted.

– The physical skills that would allow them to physical defend themselves if they need to.   i.e. martial arts skills/self defense skills.

Some sort of activity such as Taekwondo or other Martial Arts that would allow them to burn off anger energy and teach them to use the energy they got in a positive non violent way.

We need to remember that the “Bully”  and the “Victim” are both really victims and they both need our help to show them a better path.

I want to help fight against bullying so here’s what I am offering. Any parent who wants be to host a anti bullying seminar/clinic at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do please post a comment saying you would like to see a clinic and put your name down. Also any parents that want to take it one step further, please let your schools know that I am willing to come in and do a free anti-bullying clinic for them. I am sure some of my students would also love to help out.

Also please forward this blog to everyone that has children in the school systems. Let’s bring this topic to a better light.

Master Jonathan field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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