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Another blog with a few topics that I would like to talk about so let’s get right to it.

Topics #1 – The Word of the Week is ” NOW ” Now what is “Now”? The meaning is to simply do whatever it is you are doing right now. Not later, but right now. But it means more than that. We use it as a means to stay focus on what we are doing at this very present moment or every present moment in our lives. If you are training in the martial arts you need to give 100% of your focus now on what you are doing. You need to bring forth 100% of your effort NOW!!! You learn to live in the moment. Once it is over with you cannot get it back. Whatever it is that you are focusing on, make it all about that in that very moment. Don’t worry about the past as it is done and over with. You cannot change it. Don’t bother worrying about the future as you cannot do anything about it until it becomes the present. All you can do is live and focus on the present. Live your life for the present. You certainly can plan for the future by doing your best in the present. Take full advantage of the NOW!!!!

Topic #2 – “If you think experts are expensive, wait and see what amateurs cost you!” I took this off of one of my buddies’ facebook profile page. It makes sense to me. When you are looking to hire, learn from, or get an opinion from someone, take experience and wisdom into account. If you are hiring or paying someone; money, time, location, or any other little thing like that should not play a big of a factor in your decision making as things like experience, expertise, wisdom(not knowledge), reputation, and commitment into what they do.

Let’s throw out a few examples here. Would you hire a financial or business planner that was working behind the bank tell a month ago or the guy who has been working as a financial planner for 20 years and who continuously upgrades their knowledge and skill base? You probably would go with the second choice, right? Okay how about this. Would you train at a martial arts school or training faculty that was only open very part time as the instructors or trainers have to work at other jobs or would you rather go to a place where the instructor or trainer is full time and that is all they do for a living? I would guess you would go with the second choice as the second choice instructor or trainer most definitely spends a lot more time training and studying their craft. There is so many examples that I could go on and on with.

When looking for a service, always look for the real experts in that field. They probably make their full time living at what they do. This allows them a lot more time to get really really good at what they do.  Also look for people in the field that have a lot of experience in what they do. Experience does not mean doing the same thing year after year. Are they going out and gaining new experiences through workshops, seminars, certification courses, tournaments, meeting with new people, traveling to learn, and etc,. Is each year a new year of experience or just the same year repeating year after year.

Experts tend to have wisdom. Wisdom is how they use their knowledge. It is no good to have knowledge and yet not know how to use it. How can they translate their knowledge to the people they are serving. Also do the experts have a good reputation. Most of them do. However there is always people out there who will bad mouth someone else so this is not as an important of a factor. But do listen to what people are saying.

The last factor that I think is important is choosing a person you wish to hire or learn from is commitment. This can be a very in depth factor all by itself. Do these people have commitment in their clients? Do they have commitment in learning? Do they have commitment in personal growth? Do they have commitment in integrity and ethics? Do they have commitment in what they do? And so on and so forth. You get the idea.

Okay let me make one thing clear. I am not down talking amateurs. They are new to what they do. They need to work their way up the ladder. There is some pretty good ones out there as well as some pretty bad ones. Just be careful who you choice.

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Hope you enjoyed the read today.

Master Jonathan field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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