My weekend at Niagara On The Lake

Hello Everyone

Well if you were in classes on Friday night or Saturday morning you may or may not have noticed I wasn’t there and that there was Jeff, Gayle, Ryan, and Youssoufou teaching classes. Well Master Joyce and I spent the weekend at Niagara On The Lake at a t Team Building weekend with Master Veronica DeSantos and her students that are going for various degrees of Black Belt in a few weeks.

We spent Friday night getting to know each other with a few basic team building exercises followed by presenting interviews we did with a partner to introduce everyone to the rest of the group. Saturday morning we got up and were outside in the pouring rain training with Jackie LeChapelle. A World Kickboxing Champion. We did various boxing and kickboxing drills. Then we did some team building exercises with Master Winston Stableford.

After that we went inside to dry off and have some breakfast. After that we were outside again in the rain to do some more team building exercises. Lunch time came and then we were outside again doing various team building exercises in the rain. Man did it rain on Saturday. After that we went to St. Catherines where we trained for just under two hours at Muay Thai Niagara. We were trained by Master Roger Young. A really nice guy and extremely knowledgeable about Muay Thai. We did various heavy bag drills, double ended bag drills, partner drills, and some thai pad drills in the Thai ring. It was a good training session.

After that we went back to the cottage we where staying at and had some dinner and did some more team building and discussions on books we read. The next day we did our final team building exercise and had breakfast. No rain this time. We then went to a Chinese Buddhist Temple where we got to take part in a blessing ceremony. After that we cleaned up the cottage and came home.

There as about 35 of us living in that cottage for 2 days by the way. It was a good weekend. Team Building weekend is part of my 5th Dan Black Belt grading coming up in May in Toronto at DeSantos Martial Arts.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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  1. Hi Jonathan, all the best for your upcoming up Belt Grading. I’ve just started Taekwondo and stumbled upon your website while researching more on this subject. and again.. all the very best! *bow*

  2. really glad that you and Joyce could make it Jonathan. Tell Richard he missed something special, but that everyone will be glad to welcome him to DeSantos in a few weeks. Reassure him that Power Weekend is not so hard — anyone can do it.

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