Reflection on the 2011 US OPEN and ISKA World Martial Arts Championships

Hello Everyone

Well it has been a week since I reported the results for our Team Wolverine at eh 2011 US OPEN and ISKA World Martial Arts Championships. See the last blog for full results. We did amazing well.

I have took the past week to relax my mind and body from training. I relaxed, had some fun with some good friends. I did some reflection on the tournament and my life in general. I sit here writing this blog with a clear mind. I know what i want. I am moving forward with my goals and needs.

Okay now onto my reflection of the 2011 US OPEN and winning the ISKA World Championship for the first time. Well I am very proud of our Team Wolverine. They did an amazing job. They trained very hard. They got down to the tournament and did exactly what they were trained to do. They did their bests at that moment. Winning 15 US OPEN Championships and placing 3rd at ISKA Worlds for Women’s Creative was just a bonus to me.

Okay now for the big thing that most people are wondering about. How did it feel to win the ISKA World Championship Belt for the first time.? Well it felt pretty good at the moment. But I will tell ya, it is never the same as one would envision it to be. I am proud of myself for accomplishing a goal that took four years to achieved. I was extremely happy that I had Team Wolverine there at stage side supporting me. I felt good that I had my parents there to witness it. I was proud to have my little cousin there to see me win. He wants the belt now. LOL I am graceful for all the holders, set up crew, fellow competitors who helped me and supported me. I thank all the parents of all the competitors in their support of the team and the school. I also am graceful for everyone who dropped me emails, Facebook messages and the one person who kept texting me from back home making sure I was focused and was gonna bring home the hardware.  Thank you to Master John Dube who told me years ago that i was gonna be a world Champion some day. Thanks to Master Veronica DeSantos for inspiring in. Thanks to those special students of mine that inspired me to be the best i can be. Thanks to any of my family members that have showed me their support.  Thanks to everyone that was looking out for me at the tournament and taught me to think like a champion. Thanks to the instructors at our school for believing in me. Thanks to everyone who wished me congrats after it was all said and done.  Even though this belt is mine and I was ultimately the one that had to do the work and win it, you had a small part in it. If I missed anyone I am sorry. I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate everything.

SO what is next? Well let’s win some more belts. Let’s continue to grow ourselves into the best we can be.

Master Jonathan Field

ISKA World Champion

3 Time USBA/WBA World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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