That’s a long time for me. Well I guess I will just write about a bunch of stuff that has been going on around here since September 17th.

Old students have come back from summer vacation, new students of all ages have signed up for classes. We have a black belt that has come back from 14 years ago. A few of us have audition for a television show. Team Wolverine will be getting ready soon for the 2012 US OPEN and ISKA World Championships. We just had the 2012 Black Belt grading meeting. We got basic black, 1st degrees, 2nd degrees, and a 3rd degree grading in June 2012. 2012 looks to be a good year.

Last months Life skill word was courage. Courage is acting upon or doing something spite your fears. Who do you improve your courage and get rid of your fears? Simple do the things that you are afraid of doing over and over again until they no longer are you fears. It takes a lot of practice and courage to do so but it’s well worth it. You will feel pretty afterwards. An example of courage is public speaking when you are afraid of it. Best thing is to actually speak in small groups and build your confidence up so you can speak in front of larger crowds. Or if you are afraid of heights then you go to high up places that are safe and get use to being up high until you no longer fear it. Courage does not mean you will do just about anything. Doing dangerous things does not necessarily mean you are brave.

This month’s word is Loyalty. I’ll cover that in a upcoming blog.

Also last weekend we had Shidoshi J. Courtland Elliott II, a real ninja come down to our dojang. He taught us on Saturday sword cutting techniques in which we sliced a bunch of juice and milk cartons hanging from a string.  Sunday we did a teaching seminar followed by some cool ninja style self defense.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Will be back soon with another one.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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