Look out for these two Black Belts

Hello Everyone

Just wanted to post this blog about what went on last night here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. Two of our junior Black Belts, Liam Andrews and Mikaela Lavoy really inspired the junior colour belts and enhanced everyone’s pattern/form performances. During the first junior colour belt class Mikaela and Liam had to performance their patterns in front of the rest of the class while the rest of the class did the patterns with them as per usual but this time the colour belts were instructed to try and out perform the black belts. Well they tried for nine patterns going full out throwing hard powerful kicks, punching, and blocks but they just couldn’t quite match Liam and Mikaela. Every time the colour belts performed better the black belts would take it to a whole new level. They kept their energy level and performance level extremely high.

Now you would think going full out and harder each pattern they would soon get tired right? Well not exactly. Mikaela and Liam did the same thing during the second junior colour belt. They performed even better. They truly inspired the two classes too reach for new levels of personal self excellence. Watch out for these two black belts as they can be future world champions if they want to. Great job Liam and Miakela. ANd great job to all the awesome colour belts that were in class.  Everyone did a fantastic job and should be very proud of themselves.

Master Jonathan Field

ISKA World CHampion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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