Hello Everyone

Here’s a few pictures I have found on facebook and have decided to share them with you. Also I will explain how I interpret them and my views on the topics.

Okay so the first picture to me means that you should not allow the negative behaviours of others to affect the positive things you are doing in your life. Unfortunately there is always people out there that will act negative towards you and say and do things they shouldn’t. The best way to deal with these people is to continue to do the things you do best. You do not need to acknowledge their behaviour unless it is actually disrupting your life. They are not worth your time. And they know that too! If you give them power over you they will keep it up.

The second picture is pretty self explanatory. It’s so true too! My personal experiences with haters lead me to this opinion. Haters truly do not hate you. They hate that you have something they do not have and wish to have or wish to be. You are a reflection of what they are not. They make excuses why you have it and they do not. They should be more concerned with themselves. Not compare themselves to others. If haters put in as much time and effort into what they want to be or have compared to the time they spend hating and making excuses they may already have what they desire or be closer to it. I’ve seen my friends and students who have had to deal with haters as well. These haters tend to be jealous. It’s not fair that people who try their best, work hard, treat others with respect, are friendly, and etc,. fall victim to others. I truly believe everyone should learn to get along, work hard together to benefit one another as well as their immediate and global community. Everyone has potential to do something great if they stopped worrying about others and concentrate on improving themselves.

Okay this third picture is pretty good too. There is no one on this planet that is perfect. Life would be pretty boring quite frankly if everyone and everything was perfect all the time. But I’ll tell ya one thing for sure. Everyone has something that is awesome about them. That little piece of awesomeness may be seen only by one person or by very few people but it is there. Do not feel bad if someone says you are not perfect because guess what?! They are not either. Acknowledge that you are not perfect and realize and embrace all the things that are awesome about you. It is true some have more than others but that is just the way it is. Do not compare yourself to others  It’s not fair to yourself or others. Being concerned with your self development will enhance the values in which you provide society and others will see and appreciate it. There is no time for comparison. Acknowledging the awesomeness of others will further enhance our society as more and more people will feel pretty good about themselves. There is no need to talk negatively about anyone else. I think it is quite distasteful myself to go around talking about others negatively.. It’s not acceptable. If you do not like someone or do not have something nice to say about them then reframe from saying anything at all. They are not your concern. Be concerned with yourself and work on the things that are awesome to and about you. I’m not perfect and proud of it. That means I have something to work on every day. YAY!!!!

If you get anything out of this blog today it should be this; TREAT OTHERS WITH COURTESY, DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH OTHERS, AND RESPECT YOURSELF.

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. I maybe be back tomorrow for another one. I’m in a creative mood.

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do


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