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Told ya I would be back tomorrow. I got some more pictures I found off of facebook and thought I would post them here and let you know what’s on my mind.

Okay so as you can see the first picture is about your chances of succeeding. It’s all about the proper mental attitude going into a challenge or whatever it is that you are doing. You truly need to believe you are going to be successful. Now just believing you are going to be successful is obviously not just enough. You need to know the things you need to know to allow you to be successful. You do not know what you do not know until you learn them. You need to plan and approach what your challenge or whatever it is you are doing with knowledge and wisdom. Whether you are successful will rely on how well you prepared yourself as well as many outside factors in which you cannot control. If you are unsuccessful the first time then you will be better equipped the next time because you have knowledge, wisdom, and experiences you did not have before. The only true time you can guarantee success is after it has happened and you know exactly how it happened so you can repeat the progress over and over and duplicate it.

Okay now the next two pictures kind of lead you into one way or more to be successful. Teachers and instructors are a way to obtain knowledge and wisdom to achieve success. But teachers and instructors can only do so much for you. Instructors can tell you what to do but it is up to you to listen to them carefully and do it. And do it without question. They have wisdom and experiences you do not have. Instructors will explain things to you in a way that they hope you will understand based on their understandings and experiences. It’s up to you to understand the meanings and if you do not, you need to ask or try to understand before asking. Do not dismay something because it may appear different to you. Give it a try first.

Instructors will demonstrate through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual actions. They truly are what they teach. Watch and listen with all your senses and truly embrace what you are being taught. Be graceful for the chance to be experiencing what you are experiencing. Appreciate that you are being allowed to be taught. Be a respectful student and actually learn the best you can. Instructors are here to inspire you. Use them as motivation and inspiration for yourself to grow as a person and as a student. Never be jealous or compare yourself.  All of this is based on an instructor that truly loves what they are doing and strives to be the best they can be. There is very few that can say that. They do not have to say that though. They lead by example. They continuously train, learn, and teach. They make continuos progressions. Never satisfied as to where they are. They keep moving forward.

Great teachers learn various ways. They train with training partners. A good training partner or partners can really enhance the skills of the instructor. Instructors need to train just as much if not more than their students in order to improve their skills. They also learn a lot by training with partners because they pick up on their own habits. Instructors learn through being taught by other instructors through classes, seminars, training camps, demonstrations, and various other medias. They learn through teaching their students. They see what they are doing and what can be improved upon and what is working. They learn through personal experiences and that of others. One should never ever question a great teacher’s teaching method or process of teaching a lesson because you do not know the reasonings behind the lessons or perhaps how their individual experiences have shaped it. All great instructors and teachers know what they are doing and the students must obey them providing there is best of intentions. A student’s only concerns should be to show up for their lessons and be ready to work hard and learn. Students do not need to or should not concern themselves with anything else.

Hope you enjoyed my third blog of the week.

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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