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Wow I am back for like a fourth blog on the week. Been super motivated to write this week. Also making up for lost time, Today’s blog is about choosing the right people or examples to follow when you are in your Taekwondo or Martial Arts classes. Actually you can use some of or all of criteria below in other classes as well.

The criteria I picked are; Black Belts or Higher Belts, Proper Technique, Humble, Knowledgable, Helpful, High Energy, Fit/Healthy, Respectful, Disciplined. This is just a small list I came up with. You can certainly add or take away from it but it gives you a general idea. Also as a student or teacher/instructor you want to pick up these traits for yourself. You want to be the best example you can be for yourself as well as for others to follow.

Okay let’s go through each trait quickly. Obviously on top of the list is you want to be following Black Belts or Higher Belts than you. But this is subject-able. Not all Belts are equal. Be careful who you follow as an example for yourself. You want to pick examples of good quality technique. Pick the person with the technique you think it awesome. SOme people are better at certain kicks while others are better at blocks. You can certainly choose to follow various examples. But do pick the techniques that you want to look like. Pick people that are humble to follow. No point in choosing a role model that is cocky about their skills. You’ll unknowingly pick up on that negative trait. Follow the higher belts that truly do know their stuff. You can tell the ones that know what they are talking about versus the ones that just get by. Knowledge is a continuos process.It never stops. Pick the person that is willing to keep learning and admit when they do not know.

The higher belts that will automatically help the lower belts without being asked and doesn’t require any recognition for their efforts is someone to follow. Choose the person who has high energy for that they love to do. If it seems like they just show up and go through the motions then they probably aren’t the ones that you should follow. Choose the ones that makes the simplest blocks super fun. Your role model should be fit and healthy to do the things they ask you to do. They lead by example. If they ask you to do 100 push ups, have they done it before? The example you choose to follow in class should be a respectful person. Do they treat others with respect and are courteous? Your role model should be well disciplined in class. Do they stand properly in line, do they answer YES SIR or NO SIR, do they talk in class when they are not suppose to?  Choose your role models in class wisely and choose to be an awesome example for others to follow.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this one.

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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