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Today’s blog is all  about WHAT COMES OUT CLOSELY RESEMBLES WHAT GOES IN. Basically what this means is whatever you put into something the results will be close to the effort put forth. So if very little effort is put into something, the results will more than likely be poor. If great effort is put forth, the results more than likely will be far better than poor. However at the same time you need to be putting the right stuff into what you are doing along with the effort. So therefore you need to put 100% effort into what you are doing and know exactly how to do it. You also need to have a goal to get to or obtain or achieve. If you do not have a goal how can you expect to put effort into it or know how to get there. This can refer to almost anything in life in general. This blog is going to talk specifically about training but the concepts are the same for anything you wish to put forth.

Okay so you are at Taekwondo class and you see some of the other students performing a certain kick at a very high performance level. They look awesome doing it. You wish to yourself that you could do that as well. But you tell yourself that you can’t. Well if you just said that then you are 100% correct. Telling yourself that you cannot do something will limit your ability to do it. You have two choices here. 1) You can decide to improve on that kick to the best of your capabilities and beyond. 2) You can simply not do that and get jealous of others who can. I myself would rather choose to improve my kick at the best of my capabilities and go beyond my perceived limits.

But how can I or you do that? Well it’s a lot simpler than you may think. First of you simply have to choose a specific goal and stick to it until it is achieve. Making sure the goal is one that is a reasonable one. Second you need to know how to achieve that goal. This can be achieved by going to Taekwondo classes and learning the proper technique. Truly listen and observe what the instructors are teaching, performing, demonstrating, and saying. Watch other students that have a high level performance of that skill you are trying to learn. Third you need to be 100% effort into it and the class. To learn a head level kick for example requires you to work on your balance, flexibility, foot positions, body positioning, speed, accuracy, and so on and so forth. Each element requires you to put 100% effort into each one of these elements.

Merely wishing for something to get better or comparing yourself to others is not going to get anything done. If you are gonna train for something specific then do it. What you put into it will closely resemble what you get out of it. That is one of the main factors that you get high level performance athletes versus the recreational athlete.

Master Jonathan Field

4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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