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Each year our black belts that are grading must come up and do a community based project that will benefit our local, or global community in which we live in. The first one I want to write about is the project Liam Andrews is doing. Liam is grading for his 2nd Degree Black Belt in June.

Liams project involved joining the Eastern Ontario Bluebird association to aid in the building, placing, monitoring, providing proper food for the young and most importantly counting and reporting fledgling losses and successes during the season. Liam had to build his own boxes according to the societies plan and mount them in the proper habitat.
He also wrote a small paper on the eastern Bluebird and donated it to his schools outdoor classroom seeing that the school is located as well in a Bluebird friendly habitat.
Also here’s a picture of Master Richard Bernier’s poster from his Black Belt grading in May 2011.
Master Jonathan Field
4 Time Martial Arts World Champion

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