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TRUE STRENGTH IS…….  following through with your dreams even though you experience challenges along the way.

See most people say they want to achieve this, or have dreams about doing this but they really don’t. They are not really passionate about their “dreams” or not motivated enough to see them through. They don’t have the true strength. The biggest and bestest dreams out there are the ones that have many challenges in the path to achieving them. We are always being tested on how we face these challenges. The test of one’s true character and strength is through challenges that seem to never end.

If you have a dream that you want to accomplish, go for it. Figure out why you are passionate about it. What motivates you do achieve it. Try to for see and future challenges and plan for them. Face these challenges head on. Just when you feel like giving up on your dream, don’t!! Most dreams are achieved soon after the biggest and hardest challenges are faced. The people that achieve their dreams realize this and push against and break down any barriers or obstacles they face. You can do it!! I’ve done it on many occasions and so can you.

Master Jonathan Field

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