If you focus on all that is awful, you will miss all that is wonderful.

This is so very true. There is so many people out there that all they do is focus on all the supposed negative or the awfulness of the world. Granted there is some pretty bad stuff that is going on but should that be the focus of every moment of our lives? I for one do not think so. We need to be appreciative for all the good, wonderful, and beautiful things that we have in our lives as well as on our planet.

If we must focus on the bad or awful things that concern us, why don’t we change our attitude towards how we think about it. Instead of dwelling on how awful something is perhaps we should focus on how to make it better. Focusing on how bad something is is not going to change it or make it any better. But if we think of ways to make something better that would be a more productive and happier way to spend our thoughts and thinking on it.

Thinking negatively will only lead to thinking more and more negative thoughts. However if you think positively and become a problem solver the more you will think this way. If everyone shifted their emphasis on thinking positive and trying to solve the problem or awful thing then perhaps there would be less awful things. There would be more wonderful things strictly because we choose to make them wonderful.

Master Jonathan Field

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