BALANCE: One of Many Benefits for Children and Adults

Good Morning Everyone

Balance is one of the many benefits of taking one of our Taekwondo programs for children and for adults.

But balance does not just mean the physical act of keeping yourself upright without falling over. No balance is so much more.

Yes through the various striking, kicking, blocking, and self defense drills we do one will achieve a better sense of physical balance but that is just one small part of learning balance.

When I say balance I also refer to the balance between discipline and fun, working hard and relaxing, focus and determination, working and playing, and so on and so forth.

Students of martial arts tend to learn how to balance everything out. They seem calmer and take surprises and challenges of life a little easier.

Teaching children these life lessons at an early age sets them up for life. It also benefits adults by reminding them of they skills and improves their lives as well. Martial Arts and Taekwondo can be a beautiful thing when taught properly.

Master Jonathan Field

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