Nothing worth having comes easy. That is so very true. All the best things that happen in our lives comes with a lot of work. Nothing comes easy. Life is not suppose to be easy. You are suppose to work hard and earn everything you get. You will appreciate everything more this way. If things are just given to you, you don’t seem to value them as much.

If you are after a specific goal, or a specific lifestyle, or whatever it is that you think is worth having you need to go all out to get it. Work hard to obtain it. Work smarter to obtain it.

When you obtain it, enjoy it. Value it. Appreciate it.

Then move on to the next thing.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Enjoy it.

At the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of the year, and as you sit in your rocking chair many many years from now you can think back and know that everything you have in your life or have achieved in your life is the result of all your hard work. And that you enjoyed every moment of it because you earned it.

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