WOLVERINE TV: Season One Episode Four

Wolverine TV: Season One Episode Four
February 2, 2013
Welcome to Episode 4, Season 1 of Wolverine TV with Master Jonathan Field, 5th Degree Black Belt and 5 Time Martial Arts World Champion
– Conditioning: Working Out with Pulling Muscles
– Martial Arts, Taekwondo: Kicking, front kick, axe kick, crescent kick,butterfly kick, tornado kick, kicking combos
– Ask Jonathan: Why do we chamber differently for sparring than we do for patterns/forms/poomse?
– Health and Nutrition Tips: Macro Nutrition Basics Part 3
– Interview with a Student: 2 time world champion Mikaela Lavoy

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do Ltd. – Northumberland County’s #1 Martial Arts Academy

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do University – Online Taekwondo/Martial Arts Training

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