PHYSICAL FITNESS: A Benefit for Children and Adults Alike

PHYSICAL FITNESS:  A Benefit for Children and Adults Alike

Taekwondo and Martial Arts is an excellent form of a physical activity that is great for overall physical fitness.

There is the benefit of improved cardio as all the striking, blocking, kicking, and sparring drills gets the heart rate up. Cause of the nature of the classes, training in martial arts is similar to HIIT cardio as the heart rate goes up and down which is suppose to be better for the heart and fat burning qualities versus steady state cardio activities.

Improved strength is another benefit of taking Taekwondo and Martial Arts because martial arts training is well known for doing lots of push ups, sit ups, and squats to increase the strength of the practitioner’s mind, body, and spirit. Increased strength and lean muscle mass improves the metabolism. It also makes every day activities easier.

Another nice benefit of the physical fitness of Taekwondo is the improved endurance both from the cardio stand point and strength. The student is able to perform strength or cardio activities longer than the average person.

So as you can see physical fitness is just one of the many awesome benefits of martial arts and taekwondo training for both children and adults.

Master Jonathan Field

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