The best things in life are unseen.

That’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh, and dream.

This is so very true. Life is not about obtaining tons of material objects that we can show off or parade to others to make them jealous. There is nothing wrong with obtaining material items as long as it is for your own self interest and pleasure and not for a status.

Life is not about getting ahead of someone else or achieving a status symbol or position. If you desire to achieve higher levels of self like higher paying jobs, championships, and what not, these should be about your own personal satisfaction and not for show.

See life is about the moments and feelings that make you truly feel alive.

These moments that you cannot quite put into words.

Moments that others can see you go through but not really see what is truly happening. Moments that you can only experience for yourself and perhaps someone special to you.

These moments that will stay with you forever. Cherish them forever because at the end that is all you are left with.

Master Jonathan Field

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