It’s not the knockdowns that define us…

No, it’s how we handle the knockdowns and how we get up and dust ourselves off.

It’s how we choose to deal with the knockdowns. Do we dwell on them or do we move forward.

It’s how we use the experience of the knockdowns. Are they positive or negative?

It’s how we use the knowledge we acquire from the knockdowns. Do we learn from our mistakes or do we keep repeating them in an endless loop?

Do we let the knockdowns keep us down and out or do we get back up fighting with passion?

Do we see ourselves as the victims of the knockdowns?

It’s all about our mental, physical, and spiritual attitudes towards knockdowns. You and you alone have the choice how you deal with it. No one else or thing is to blame but you! YOU define yourself and how you deal with things. ONLY YOU!!!

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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