Do what is right, Not what is easy.

We all know that is a very basic truth. Doing what is right most of the time is far harder to do than what is not.

That’s where your own work ethics and personal integrity comes into place.

We all have our own set of ethics and integrity rules that we feel is right for us and follow. Then there is social ethics and integrity. We kind of have to blend the two together.

Do you know what your personal rules of ethics are? Do you know in your heart what is right and wrong?

What about your work ethics? Do you know how hard you are willing to work?

In order for you to do the right things and take the high road you need to already know where these concepts lie in you. If you don’t know take some time to discover how you feel about all of this. You may discover some new things about yourself you didn’t know which is a great thing. You are furthering your journey in life. Congrats!!! And remember this is all up to your own personal interpretations not anyone else’s.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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