You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

A very simple statement to read and understand but hard to follow.

I want you to take a moment and reflect upon all the people in your lives that have a positive mind and on the people who have a negative mind. Go ahead a take a moment before you read further.

Okay, did you do what I asked? I hope so because if you did you probably came to some of the following conclusions,

1- People with positive mindsets most always seem to live a more positive life than the average person.

2- People with a negative mindset most always seem to be living a life a little less positive.

3- People with a positive outlook on life seem to enjoy more of life and do less complaining.

4- The negative mindsets seem to draw more negative energy into their lives.

Who are the people in your life that you want to be more like? Who are the ones that seem more wealthy(not necessarily financial)? Who are the people you don’t want to be more like? How come? What are you going to do with this information if you want a more positive life?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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