De Santos Martial Arts 2013 Black Belt Spectacular

Hey Everyone

I was at the De Santos Martial Arts 2013 Black Belt Spectacular on Saturday night and what a great show it was. I believe there was 43-45 Black Belt candidates who performed and receive their new black belts at the end of the show. There was oh so many new 1st degree black belts, some 2nd degree black belt, three degree black belts, and a 4th degree black belt(master level).

There was lots of traditional forms, musical forms, self defense, weapons, kicking, and so on. Mikaela Lavoy and myself(Team Attitude) performed some chuking for the audience. There was also lots of awards given to the students who supportive the team the most as well as awards for the candidates that walked 147.2km to Niagara Falls the weekend before grading to help support Kwan Jan Nim Veronica’s charity.

Every year the candidates all get together to buy some sort of gift to present to KJN Veronica as a token of their appreciation for all she does for them through their training and what not. It’s all a lovely gesture. Also each year during the show the candidates hand out flowers to their loved ones that help support them through their journey to black belt and beyond.

It was a good evening and I am now looking forward to our own black belt grading and the black belt ceremony and hall of fame ceremony the week after. This year we will be inducting KJN Veronica DeSantos into our hall of fame so you won’t want to miss that. The show will be on Friday June 28th at 7:30pm. You can get tickets at the office so let me know if you want any.

I like to end this blog by saying congrats to all the new black belts. You worked so hard and it has paid off big time!

Master Jonathan

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