Good Morning

I wanted to touch on the topic of friends. We all have a variety of friends that affect our lives in various ways. But in what ways do they touch or affect us?

There is the friends that affect our lives positively. They encourage us and build us up. These are the friends that are most important to our wellbeing.

Than there is the friends that is neutral in our lives. They really don’t affect us too much. They are in  our lives and that is a good.

The last class of friends is the ones that fall into the negative category. These are the “friends” that drag you down. The ones that are a negative force in your life. The “friends” that take you away from all the good things you do and never allow you to grow. They actually shrink you.

Now out of all the friends you have, which are the positive ones, the negative ones, and the neutral ones? Which are more important to you? Do you need to make some big decisions regarding this important aspect of your life?

I’ve been doing a lot of pondering on this subject for some time now and I try to avoid all the negatives. My life is more about the neutrals and positives. I don’t have time for the negatives.

What’s your thoughts on this?

Master Jonathan Field


  1. I So agree. I have some of each friend and the last couple of months have shown me which category they actually fall in and it’s hurtful on one hand and on the other it’s fantastic! I found some true friends out there!!!

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