Your behaviour and attitude affects those around you.

If you are in a bad mood and behave in a rude manner, that will affect those around you. They might fire back in the same way, choose to be the exact opposite of you, or they might just walk away and ignore you.

If you are in a fantastic mood and behave in a happy and polite manner than those around you most likely will return it back to you. Most will not give back the exact opposite or ignore you. But you never know.

I think you owe it to the people around you to check your attitude and behaviours. What right does it give you to put off your negatives onto others? Yes I know sometimes we all do it because we have been broken down a little or are having a real bad day. That is okay once in a while. What I am talking about here are those who are always in a mood and will drag others down with them all the time.

I believe we owe it to each other and ourselves to try and be the person what put forth positive energies and fantastic moods unto ourselves and others. Be the person who you want to be around.

Like it or not your behaviours affects others so choose wisely.

Master Jonathan Field

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