failure is like driving down a dead end road and turning around to find a better path.

Failure is something that no one likes to do but we all do it from time to time.

Failure is not always a bad thing. At the right opportunities failure is a chance to learn and grow and become stronger.

Failure is only a negative when you keep repeating the same failures over and over and are not learning from it. You aren’t gaining the experiences and strength that comes from failure.

Failure can be bad if you choose to keep making the same bad decisions you are always making and you are hurting yourself and others along the way.

Failure should be seen as a opportunity to turn around and re-evaluate what you did and what you can do differently so you can be successfully. It might take several paths before you find the successful one. That is perfectly fine as long as you are open minded and are learning along the way.

The path to success should also be an opportunity to help others along their journeys as well.

Master Jonathan Field

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