The Sword has to be more than a simple weapon; It has to be an answer to Life’s Questions…

Well that does that mean?

It is definitely open for various interpretations that’s for sure.

The Samurai believed that their sword had a soul and they would give them names.

Learning and using the Katana sword was an art all in itself.

As ancient warriors bound to serve their Masters and Emperor they would live and die by the sword.

Everything was based on self perfection and honouring thee family and country.

The sword was viewed as a way of life and not an instrument of death.

So one interpretation very well could be whether or not you live with a purpose? Do you live a life of honour? Do you have a belief in something so strong that you are willing to die for it? Are you working towards self perfection?

So many ways you can take this simple statement. Would like to hear what others think.

Master Jonathan Field

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