Okay so yesterday I posted this letter that I came across on facebook the other day. Not really knowing if this was for real or a hoax. Well as you all know by now that this letter is for real. Some person, a mother according to the letter has written a very hateful, distasteful, and disgusting piece of writing I have ever read to be true in the context that someone actually wrote a letter like this.

Yesterday this letter/event was all over facebook, the various news websites, all over the news and radio. People were all discussing it. The 100% reaction that I saw in everyone was ANGER. It was great to see the love and support everyone had for this family. It was also great to see that our society does not tolerate this type of behaviour as to me and most others it is not acceptable.

The police in this local community are doing an investigation to find out who wrote such a disgusting hateful piece of writing. I am no expert in the law but I do imagine there will be some criminal charges being laid against the author and rightfully so.

But while everyone was articulating their anger and disapproval towards the author I saw or heard no one ask WHY? I would like to know why this person wrote this letter besides the obviously reasons that were written in the letter. Did anyone stop to ask why? Is the author a person who is simply hateful negative jerk(add your own swear words as you feel fit), or is this a person who have been broken to the point that they felt they had to write this letter.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I feel that there is NO EXCUSES for writing this letter or even bringing up anything with the family of this child. I don’t care if the author is a negative bad person or if they were broken to the point that they felt they had to communicate their thoughts. They had no business saying anything at all. I don’t think any excuses can justify writing this letter. If this person is a bad person they should keep their opinions to themselves. If the person had other reasons for acting out I don’t care. Having a bad day, just being pure ignorant, or whatever the reason does not give a person the right to be so hurtful towards another human being. The key words being another human being.

Which brings me to this point. We are all human beings. As a international community thanks to technology and travel we are all in the same boat on this planet. We need to learn to treat everyone with respect and kindness. And if we are confronted with the negative bad people then we need to not let them affect us and if we need to discipline them for actions that we all believe are not in good intentions for all of us.

But back to the main reason I want to talk about is the WHY? I am very curious as to why this person would write this. If we can learn the real reasons why we can learn to deal with this kind of stuff better in our early education of our children and continuous education throughout their time in school and there after. I think we all need to be educated and taught how to respect and be kind to everyone regardless of who they are. Regardless of race, gender, social background, wealth class, normal or average(hate those terms by the way), and so on.

So I hope that we learn WHY this person wrote this hurtful letter. I hope the family anf child aren’t too hurt by this and can move forward with a positive outlook as a negative one won’t help. I hope that we all continue to show love and support for our fellow human beings. I hope we as a society improve our behaviours and opinions. I hope that the author gets caught and is made accountable for their actions. I hope that this kind of stuff goes away and never happens again.

For all those who have to go through something like this or have had gone through something like this, my heart and thoughts goes out to you.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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