Sticks and Stones may break your Bones, but Names will never hurt me.  We all know this famous quote. We tell it to our children. Our children repeat it to others that call them names. It is ideal to think that this is true and that names won’t hurt.

But the reality is they do hurt. For both children and adults. Some learn to overcome this and never allows these to bother them while others will struggle.

We would all love to turn with a blind’s eye and pretend that everyone is strong enough to deal with name calling, rumours, and the such. But no everyone is. Some have gone through things in their lives that they cannot shake for whatever reasons. This does not make them weak.

For those who have overcome to the point where they just let things such as name calling and rumours just roll off their backs, congrats. You have figured something out for yourself that many cannot. You have learned that the only real opinions that are valid are the ones that you have about yourself. But this can be tricky. Those bad opinions aren’t worth anything to you. You need to focus on developing nothing but positive opinions about yourself. The more you see yourself in a positive light the more others will follow.

Ideally we as the human race needs to stop all the negativity and hatred towards one another and work to make life better for each other. Starting with yourself then extending to your friends and family and further to your neighbours and community.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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