Okay so yesterday I wrote about Grandmaster Trower being inducted into the USBA/WBA’s Breakers Hall Of Fame. Here’s the link if you missed yesterday’s blog.

Today I want to tell you a little about why Mikaela lavoy and I went down there. We were both nominated for some awards and were asked to attend the banquet but were not told what we were nominated for. So we went down with Mikaela’s mom Amber and two of my other students, Charlotte Kerr and Patrick Marvin.

Mikaela ended up with membership award certificate for being dedicated to breaking and the USBA/WBA as well as a plaque for most improved breaker.

I ended up with a membership award certificate as well for being apart of the USBA/WBA for as long as I have. I also won a plaque for my Dedication to Martial Arts and Breaking. They also presented me with a World Record Certificate in a really nice frame for setting a new world record back in July 2013 in Orlando Florida.

There was various other awards being given out for most memorial breaks, competitors of the year, and etc,. It was a great night of honouring the best breakers in the world.

Here is a few more pictures from the banquet. Part 3 should be tomorrow with the tournament results. Hoping to have pictures and a video for you.



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