I really enjoy Christmas time. There is just something in the air. Yes I do like the surprises of gifts on Christmas morning like everyone else. And Yes I do like getting together with family over the holidays. Doesn’t everyone? But that’s not the only reasons why i love Christmas time.

I enjoy this time because almost everyone is in a good mood. Everyone is cheerful. Everyone is in the giving mood. The world seems to forget a lot of the bad stuff and comes together to help each other. People go out of their ways to donate food, presents, and their time to makes others feel good. I think this is so wonderful.

I do however wish we could be more like this all year round. Why do we need a special holiday to help out others? Why do we need a specific time of year to be cheerful and jolly?

The holiday season provides us a lesson that we should follow all year long. Be generous within your means. Be happy and cheerful. Be kind and courteous to others.

There is a Shoalin Warrior Monk living in New York city that says MERRY CHRISTMAS, and HAPPY NEW YEARS every day of his life. Why? Because he feels that every day is special. Every person is special. Everyone thing is special. We should be celebrating this life everyday. To be kind and generous every day.

It’s a nice thought, yes?

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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