Okay so at some point in all our lives we all feel we must get even or back at someone for doing something to us. Whether the person met to do something bad or not to us. Sometimes they did something that they didn’t even know made you mad or feel bad. It was how we took it. But non the less we feel the need to get back at that person.

Now a days it is hugely online and social media like facebook and twitter. Some feel if they can mad mouth or make fun of others on facebook or twitter that they are getting back at the other. They feel they are superior and that no one gets what they are doing. Quite frankly it is a waste of time and energy for anyone to consume themselves with getting back or even with someone else. Or they do something physically that will cause some sort of pain to others. They might also go around spreading rumors.  The smart and healthy thing is to just let it go. In the short and long term you are only hurting yourself. There is no need to get even or back at someone. If they did something unlawful then the law will look after that. But small petty things which normally what it is all about is such a waste.

Think of it this way. If you get bite by a poisonous snake, is it the bite or the the poison left behind that kills you? It’s the poison left behind that slowly or sometimes quickly kills you. It gets inside you and eats you alive. The bite might sting at first but the initial pain goes away quite quickly. In order to heal is to get the medications that can cure you from the snake’s poison. Moving on and letting go is the same thing as the meds that help get rid of the poison.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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