Is a Black Belt a piece of black cloth you wear around your dobuk or gi while you attend and train in class?

Is a Black Belt a certificate you paid for and completed a few hour grading?

Is a Black Belt a tough guy that can beat up everyone they come into contact with?

Is a Black Belt a person who runs a martial arts school and has students recite stuff that doesn’t matter and expects others to bow down to them?


I think and I know a TRUE Black Belt is far greater than that.

True Black Belts are;

  • Role models for everyone to follow
  • They are teachers that don’t hold anything back
  • they are the ones that stay calm when everyone is freaking out
  • they are the ones that dedicate their lives to a better way of living
  • They are the ones that look for ways to help out their community
  • They all have at least one area of expertise in their art
  • They are open to many different ideas
  • The are the ones that see the ultimate truths among all styles
  • They are the ones that need to be tough when the time is right
  • They are the ones that are gentle  when appropriate
  • They are stepping stones for their students
  • They are the ones willing to do things that no one else will do because they know what it takes to get to the next level
  • They are disciplined
  • They are artists
  • They are scholars
  • They understand how not to use their physical skills
  • They do not seek fighting
  • They not nothing to prove
  • and this list could go on and on

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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