LOL well we all know someone who will voice their opinions that they clearly hate certain parts of training. Puts everyone else in a bad mood that is training around them. ANd it’s hard to ignore them but you must or you just tell them oh well don’t be here.

The only purpose of training is to get results. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a person trying to get fit again, a martial artist, or someone who just likes to train, you all should have one thing in mind. You all to some degree want to see results. If you are not training to receive some sort of benefit from it than why are you training?

Now the ones that are really serious about training learn to love it. All aspects of it. The pain, the sweat, the pump, the heavy breathing, the struggles, the accomplishments, and etc,.

We all will have areas in training that we hate. It’s a reality that we cannot avoid. However you do it anyway with a good attitude. If you are going to do part of your training that you hate than you better do it with a good attitude otherwise you are just making it more painful for yourself and if you are complaining about it then you are making it more painful for everyone else. Don’t do that!

There will be many reasons why you may hate a certain part of your training so I am not going to make a list here but I bet the number one reason you hate it is because you are no good at it. Often times we hate the things we are not good at. There is a simple solution to this. One word actually…….


Just keep practicing and you will get better. And either you will like what you hate or hate it a little less.

The point is have a good attitude and you’ll enjoy your training more.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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