DIET – Hmm a word that most think of as cutting back on delicious food for a short time while they lose weight.

The word diet should mean that it’s a specific nutrition plan or lifestyle that you are on for a life time or a very long time.

A diet is where you eat foods that are good for you as well as the odd treat so you don’t go crazy.

Your diet should cover all your Macros(Protein, Carbs, and Fats), as well as your Micros(Vitamins, and Minerals). Should include fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, meats(if you eat meat) and etc,.

Sounds simple right? Well not if you look at all the different diets, books, meal plans, and etc,. that are advertised like crazy in magazines, on the televisions, and across the internet. WHich diet is best?

There is no real best diet when you are eating healthy. It all depends on your body type, genetics, goals, activity levels, and etc,.

What I recommend you do and I have done it as well is go see someone like a dietician or a naturopathic doctor.

I personally have used Dr. George Tardik. He helped me clean up my already pretty clean diet and got my nutrition in order for my goals and lifestyle.

Here’s a link to his website if you are interested. And if you decide to go check him out, tell him I sent ya!

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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