Ever see crabs in a bucket? They will all leave each other alone until one of the crabs tries to escape then the rest of them grab ahold and drag them back down.

Hmm, it seems that we humans do that too. Ever notice that sometimes people will try to drag down others who seem to be having more success than them?

Shouldn’t we be happy for that person and use them as inspiration to strive to be better too? I think so.

We are all on our own path in life. We all have different definitions of what success is to us as individuals.

Some people are success when they make a lot of money. Others when they achieve a certain athletic goal. Others it is having a spouse and kids. A well paying job. A new car our house. And etc,.

Strive to accomplish your successes and not be like the other crabs in the bucket.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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