When you watch a Taekwondo sparring match, a judo match, a MMA match, or any other type of fighting art, have you ever wonder how some competitors seem to score at will? What is it that allows them to be so on the ball and dominate?

Probably many factors are at play here but one important one is TIMING.

When you have the right timing working for you it just seems really easy. That goes for pretty much anything and everything in life. Well you have to make your own timing. You can’t use the excuse that it’s not the right time or the wrong time or whatever time.

The most success people in all aspects of life know that they are in charge of their own time. They know that it is better to wait sometimes, other times to act right away, and times where you don’t act at all. But the key is to learn how to use timing to work for you. It will take some practice to get right but you can do it.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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