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Kettlebells, that bowling ball shape weight with a handle on it. Comes in all sorts of sizes and colours, and yes even in pink :$ If you would go back five years or more ago and you might not have heard much about kettlebell training but now it is everywhere. You can pretty much find some sort of kettlebell training in kettlebell classes, kickboxing classes, fitness classes, martial arts classes, sports training, and so on. You can buy various dvd programs at stores as well. There is no doubt kettlebells is a fantastic fitness and training tool. But what are the benefits of kettlebell training for women.

  1. Kettlebells provide a full body that allows you to work many different body parts at the same time. Unlike some other training tools that might isolate a few muscles at one time. This teaches you to use your body as one whole unit.
  2. Since kettlebells are compact and come in various sizes they are easy to travel to and from your classes or workout areas. They don’t take up a lot of room.
  3. You can get a really great and affective workout in a short time. Therefore saving you time and allowing yourself more time for other things.
  4. Kettlebell workouts are just plain fun. They are completely different from most other forms of training. Always a new exercise/technique to workout. No boredom!
  5. Compare kettlebells to traditional weights and most people will say the kettlebell looks less intimidating. Ball like shaped weights seem more friendly but don’t let their looks deceive you. You will get a great training session in with them. i.e. Results!
  6. Kettlebell training will help you do your regular daily activities easier.
  7. Using multiple muscle groups at once helps burn more fat and calories.
  8. Training with kettlebells will allow you to realize how strong you really are and you can improve upon that strength.
  9. The various kettlebell swinging exercises that are a large part of kettlebell training is good for tightening the legs, core, and glutes.

So give kettlebell training a good try with a certified kettlebell trainer so you can learn to do the moves properly and safely. Staying safe and health is key to long term health and your fitness goals. Click here for more information on our kettlebell classes.

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