This week’s word of the week is Honor

Honor – a sense of right and truth; knowing what is right from wrong and doing what is right.

We learn a sense of honor at a early age from our parents, family, and others who may hold authority over us. It is based on acting upon the truth and what is right. Some people may say that right and wrong may vary from various people but that is a lot like saying that colours look different to each person. Yes I believe we all have our own beliefs and personal ethics but the greater realm of what is right and wrong is solid. Some things I will admit are pretty sketchy and some beliefs and laws don’t act out of the good for the public.

Honor works only when the rights and wrongs are established for the true wellbeing of the public. To be honorable is to act accordingly to what is good for all.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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