WORD OF THE WEEK: Self Control

This week’s word of the week is Self Control

Self Control; handling your actions properly, choosing the right actions at all times.

Self Control is about acting in a way that allows you to take action so that the desired outcome happens. The desired outcome being that of a positive one.

For instance, if you got in a heated conversation with someone, you would behave in a while that would keep the conversation under controlled. I don’t think you would want to behave in such a way that the heated conversation turned into an agrument. That would be loosing your self control.

Self control is about having the right choices and the wrong choices and siding with the right ones even if the right choices may be harder for you.

Having self control is about getting the things done that need to be done in spite of being hard, boring, and etc,. They are necessary so you get them done no matter what.

Self Control is really all about you make the right decisions to be in control of yourself and all the situations you encounter.

One who controls ones’ self is mightier than the person who controls others.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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