Sometimes in life we get second chances. Whether it is with small things that really don’t matter or huge things that do matter. Whether it is a relationship with someone or a second chance at life. We all get these chances from time to time. However how many of us actually fully value these second chances and do all we can with them? Some do and others regretfully don’t.

When the world gives you a second chance, take it and run with it. Cherish it, value it, dominate it, and etc,. Don’t waste it through negativity, laziness, and whatever else the excuses may be. There is a reason why you are getting the second chance. Do something about it.

Second chances are also about learning from the past. Not learning will only doom you to repeat your first chance. Second chances can be a period of self growth. Or they can be a place where you shrink.

The choices are yours to make.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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