This week’s word of the week is RESPECT

Respect – Esteem; give it to others, earn it for yourself.

Everyone should show everyone else courtesy, esteem, and be respectful./ That’s all part of the basic level of respect.

Absolute respect is a thing that in which someone earns from their peers, co-workers, family, and admirers through their words and actions.

We all should be courteous and respectful to each other but should be careful who we give the absolute respect to.Some demand this type of respect without ever doing anything to earn it. Others receive absolute respect because they have earned it yet do not demand it.

Respect is a tricky thing. Everyone has their own definition of it. Everyone has their own ways of perceiving it. Everyone has their own ways of showing it. Many ways of not showing respect.

The best way is to be kind and courteous to everyone until they give you a good enough reason not too. Then you simply don’t deal with them. Not respecting them does not give you the right to be mean or disrespectful.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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