If you are a parent I am going to assume that you want the absolute best for your children, right? Yes i thought so! Well I am also going to make the assumption that you DSC_0277have or will have tried many different activities, lessons, and sports to give your children the best opportunities you can give them. Am I right again? Of course I am because I know that if you are reading this you are the kid of person what wants the best for your children or children in general. Now there is many different options that you can look at but I want you to look at allowing your children to grow up in Taekwondo/Martial Arts. Why? Because Taekwondo has so many wonderful benefits in which I will list below.

  1. Taekwondo allows your children to make new friends and form bonds with others that can last a life time
  2. It teaches them how to deal with bullies and other similar situations
  3. It gives your child the physical, mental, and verbal tools to defend themselves and protect others
  4. Taekwondo teaches a way of living your life in a peaceful manner
  5. Can improve their flexibility both physically and mentally
  6. Gets them physically fitness through cardio training, strength training, and endurance training
  7. Teaches them important life skills such as respect, courtesy and kindness, discipline, perseverance, loyalty, self control, and many others
  8. Cross training in Taekwondo helps with your children’s performance in other sports and activities
  9. Training 3-5 times a week keeps them busy and out of trouble
  10. Can help improve their school work
  11. Teaches them out to manage and release stress
  12. Teaches children about team work
  13. Develops strong leadership skills
  14. Improves self confidence and self esteem levels
  15. Gives them a purpose for training and being active
  16. Allows for various levels of competitions if a child is interested in competing
  17. The ability to become an instructor themselves either as an amateur or as a professional and make a living
  18. Gives them a lot of priceless and fond memories to look back on as they get older
  19. They become a part of a tradition that dates back thousands of years
  20. Makes them strong confidence adults

And I could go on and on for a lot longer about all the benefits of Taekwondo for Children and why you as a parent should have them training.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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