I believe that Taekwondo and Martial Arts is one of the best things you can do for your child or children.

Here is a list of reasons why:

  1. Taekwondo teaches children how to physically protect themselves against attackers
  2. Through the physically training and conditioning children become stronger and more fit
  3. Children become more flexible through the practice of all the stretches that Taekwondo students do
  4. As Taekwondo is an art that has a large variety of different skills not common in other activities the student becomes more coordinated
  5. Students become more confidence in themselves and their abilities as they learn and achieve new skills and techniques that they never had before
  6. Children make new friends with their fellow classmates which is normally outside of their normal elementary school environment
  7. Leadership skills are developed and flourished when the students help each other to get better
  8. Children learn to work as a team as they have to work cooperatively with each other to further improve upon their skills and learning
  9. Goal setting is learned as students look forward to progressing in rank levels as they know they have to learn certain requirements to be able to advance
  10. Often times children will learn various life skills they may not get in other common activities
  11. Taekwondo is exercise and training with a purpose for children
  12. Taekwondo offers many different ways to compete if a child is interested in competing
  13. Children are exposed to important life concepts such as respect, courtesy, perseverance, loyalty, self control, and etc,.
  14. Children learn to face difficult challenges and how they can overcome anything they put their minds too
  15. And it’s a fun thing for them to do!!! 🙂

children in taekwondo having fun cobourg tae kwon do

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