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Just a reminder that yes we are for classes today even though it is the Civic Holiday. So come get your training and sweat on! 🙂

So I was asked to write about my thoughts on “Taking Responsibility for ones’ own actions.”

A topic that we all should know about. A topic that everyone should comply to but not everyone does. You see, for any given situation to improve or get better everyone needs to take responsibility for what they have or have not done. Own your successes or mistakes. Take pride in your successes. You did something awesome to succeed. Own your mistakes. Stepping up and admitting that you made a mistake is the first step to correcting it. To learn from it. We all make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to be judge by your mistakes. Even though we all shouldn’t judge others, we often do. However I find that in most cases we are judged on how we handle our mistakes and not really the mistake itself. Most of the time, not all the time but most of the time. It is as if we are rewarded for owning up to what we have done and the effort we put into correcting any errors we have made.

It is pretty easy to own your successes. You did something good so everyone must have to like and enjoy it right? Most likely anyway. However it is kinda if not out right brave to own up to your mistakes. The fear of getting into trouble or being judged can be quite paralyzing for a lot of people. But one must fight through those fears and take responsibility for what they have done and find a way to correct their errors.

Sometimes there is consequences for taking responsibility for your actions. Whether good or bad. You need to realize that whatever you do, something is going to happen. It could be positive, negative, or even neutral. However realize that it can fall back on you. But taking responsibility for your actions in spite of this shows that you are a strong solid person with good ethics and values. This is a type of person everyone should strive to be like.

Often times people will want something so bad yet they didn’t do what was needed to accomplish it and therefore blame others. They find fault somewhere else because it is easier to blame others for their actions. You must take the necessary actions to accomplish your own goals. It is not up to someone else. You will only get out what you put into something. Nobody can hold you back but you. Take responsibility for you.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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