ABlack Belt only covers two inches of you, what is covering the rest?

A Black Belt is merely a piece of physical cloth that wraps around your waist to hold up your pants, help keep your dobuk top shut, and to show your rank in the martial arts.

cobourg tae kwon do black beltBeing a true Black Belt is much more. It is obviously having a high level of skills in the martial arts. But it is so much more. A true Black Belt must hold themselves to a higher standard. They must be in control of themselves. They must understand that they are not any better than anyone else. They must realize that one only achieves greatness through hard work. Black Belts understand the value of making friends not enemies. They understand the values of avoiding conflicts. They understand that others have valuable opinions as well. They see arguing and fighting a waste of time and unhealthy. They seek inner peace through hardship for one cannot appreciate beauty without experiencing the ugly. Black Belt understand that physical self defense is the last resort. One must seek to avoid all dangerous situations before they happen.They use integrity to the best of your abilities in their everyday lives. A true Black Belt is like every one else. We all should strive to promote love, happiness, understanding, and helping others.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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