We all have opinions about various topics and subjects. We also change our opinions over time as well gain new experiences and knowledge about the various subjects. Our opinions evolve over time. It occurs naturally. It is something that you want to happen. If your opinions don’t change, you have not learned or experienced anything new. We want over time for our opinions to change. They might change for the good as you gain new positive experiences towards a topic. You may once have hated something and over time you have grown to love it. On the other hand you may grow to hate something that you once loved based upon bad experiences. You may grow to love something even more based on continued learning and gaining new experiences.

If our opinions never change or evolve even in the slightest you may not be learning anything, you haven’t gained new experiences, or you are just stubborn and closed minded. You need to be open minded to new knowledge, new experiences, and opinions of others who have valid opinions and knowledge. Having your opinions evolve shows that you are a person who is evolving for the better. Allowing your opinions to change/evolve does not mean your original opinions are wrong, it simply means that you have gained new knowledge and experiences and understand things differently. This is a good thing and is what you want.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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